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How do you install GSE SMART IPTV onto an Amazon Firestick?

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How do you install GSE SMART IPTV onto an Amazon Firestick?

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This question has already been tackled here. You need to follow the instruction on that answer to see exactly how the program and be sideloaded on the Amazon Firestick.

I personally, create a simple HTTP server on my PC with the help of HFS and then type the address bar on the Stick, download the APK and install it.

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Alex, thanks for this. Still haven't got around to trying the earlier method. As I said I'm very, very new to some if this so talk of an HTTP server and HFS and where/how to type the "address bar" leaves me a little confused. I did manage to locate the App using ES File Explorer on the Firestick but it just wouldn't download for me. If you could explain in "idiot guide" it would be great appreciated or maybe there would be a YouTube video you could direct me to? Sorry to be so naive about all this. Cheers.

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