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English20 Interactive requires Internet, but it already works.

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I have English20 Interactive by Reader's Digest License version. When I enter key and press continue the Error "Internet not found, check your Internet connection" is shown. I disabled the antivirus and firewall is turned off, but still this problem occurs. The Internet connection is good and all sites are opened, also antivirus is updated from same connection. Can you provide a solution?

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Some applications require Administrator privileges in order to get access to system's components such as network, file access, etc. Therefore, right click the software's icon and then choose Run as Administrator. Afterwards, check the behavior. If it's the same, then the problem is related to compatibility, more exactly the software doesn't recognize the network adapter that is installed on your PC.

Try to apply a compatibility tweak using right click on file then Properties > Compatibility. Choose a previous version of Windows (eg. Windows XP SP3) and launch it again.

I've also searched the web, but I didn't find any updates to the app since it's distributed on CD-ROM only.

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