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Why is my Telstra Online Buddy not working?

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Hello, I have been using Telstra Online Text Buddy for years; went on holiday, my son as a guest on my computer connected his WiFi after I gave him my permission to do so but now my own WiFi won't connect properly (is connecting to a public service) and the text buddy won't work? Do I need to have my computer man come over to reconnect me properly? Or download the Text Buddy again?

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You are using a very old application that isn't supported anymore. There are other apps that you can install and use, plus they offer additional features. It was mentioned that users switched to the Telstra My Connect in order to send SMS messages since the Online Text Buddy is not available anymore, but there is also no website to connect to this service. And if there is, then you have to connect to the member's area on the Telstra website:

Secondly, if you have a smartphone, consider installing Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook to send SMS messages or communicate with friends or family.

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