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Need Help: Key in the VPS fonts.

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I like to utilize the VPS fonts on my Vietnamese docs, and mail, and have used them for more than 25 years.

Recently, I installed the new COREL version X8 on my PC (with Windows 10), and I couldn't utilize VPS fonts although I still could type Unicode. When I typed a word in VPS fonts, I have this problem:

Example: In Unicode I typed: P h o ^ 3 results: Phổ
But in VPS I typed: P h o ^ 3 and it came out: P only. After I typed P h o, somehow when I keyed in ^ (for dấu mũ), the o was deleted, then keyed in 3 (for dấu hỏi) the h was deleted. It seems theaccent key (dấu) has the backspace effect on the word.

I would really appreciate your help.
K. Nguyen

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Based on your inquiry, I believe it's a problem with the layout of the keyboard or the font that you are using is not properly configured to be used with the VPS. As far as I know, the VPS software doesn't have an extended support when it comes to United States or European states as it's primarily used in Asia and supported countries.

I've tried to replicate the behavior in your application by downloading it, but seems impossible to do it since the application doesn't appear to be available.

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