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Why does SI show I have version 51 of Chrome installed?

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asked Jan 24 by Chuck Quarles (140 points) about Google Chrome
edited Jan 25 by Alex Urbach

Why does SI show I have version 51 of Chrome installed? I have searched the entire hard drive for another version of Chrome, and the only one I have is the 64-bit version 55. SI wants to upgrade my 51 to 56 beta, but I have no version 51. Is this a known bug?

Thank you,
Chuck Quarles

1 Answer

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answered Jan 25 by Alex Urbach (305,740 points)

This is probably a bug, because the latest stable version of Chrome is 55.X and the beta one is 56. If you can't update from the time being from SI Client, then manually download the installer and continue with the installation.

You have to choose which version you want to keep, because I think it's not possible to install two versions of Chrome on one PC, unless you use a different use.

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