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Can't not read Nepali Unicode fonts in webpages in Kindle Fire.

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Can't not read Nepali Unicode fonts in webpages in Kindle Fire.

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Before installing Nepali font, you need to make sure that the font meets the minimum requirements, such as:

The format has to be TrueType or OpenType.
You need to have 4 variants of the files: regular, bold, bold italic, italic
The file structure should look like this: [name]-Regular.ttf , [name]-Bold.ttf , [name]-Italic.ttf, [name]-BoldItalic.ttf
After you meet these requirements you need to take these steps in order to use your custom font:

  1. Connect the Kindle to your PC.
  2. Use the computer and browse the content of the Kindle and create a folder in the root of the drive: fonts.
  3. Copy your files with the structure given above in that folder.
  4. From the Font Family you can find in the browser's settings, choose the desired fonts installed
    5.Save the settings and restart the device.

If you can't open a book, then the font installed is not compatible with the device and this software and you should look for another version or other font.

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