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Is my GT60 overheating?

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These days I got a problem in which the computer will freeze when playing game and cannot call out the Task Manager. I need to remove the power and restart the computer. The freeze is random and did not have a specific trigger from the game.

Some people said it is due to the overheat of the laptop. So I just took a pic from a SpeedFan software when the computer freeze. Not every game will have the same problems.

From your experience, is that temperature still alright for the laptop or it is a overheat? In case it is overheat, anything I can do to improve the situation? I already cleaned the dust around the fan area last week.

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Indeed for a laptop the temperatures are pretty high, but as I can see in the image, you're in a game so there's a 50 % chance those temperatures are actually normal, but for CORE1 it's above the limit.

To increase the cooling efficiency, buy a cooling pad where you can place the laptop to dissipate the heat accurately. You can use Newegg (US) or Ebay (WorldWide).

This is how it looks:

Laptop cooling

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