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How to restore a new P8 lite from a G7 backup?

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I have a back up made with my Huawei G7 phone, that has been stolen, and I would like to restore on a new Huawei P8 lite. Can I do it? Thanks.

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This is a delicate situation. If the same phones can be connected to the same app, then you will have the possibility to restore common items like: contacts, SMS messages, favorites, bookmarks, passwords, etc. As for apps and other system related files, that won't be possible even if they do run on Android operating system.

I've tested this on Samsung phones, and it works, therefore I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work with Huawei phones as well.

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Hello, it is poosible to restore lost data from backup on your new phone.
You can sync the backup files of old phone data to your new phone directly.
Just plug your phone with computer and import the backup files to the phone.
Then, you can regain the old phone files on your new phone.

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