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Send link by email no longer works with Outlook clients.

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Uninstalled then reinstalled several times on Windows 7x64 with the latest version of Chrome. Still fails to open a new message in Outlook 2010.

There is another method to send a link in Chrome that involves saving a command in the browser address field, that works however, it has to be saved within the bookmarks menus and requires more navigation to get to it.

This extension has stopped functioning as of maybe mid 2015. I used it daily of several machines then all of them began to simply fail. Uninstalling and reinstalling worked for a few days or so then it reverted back to not working. Lots of folks have said the same thing, worked for a while then stopped working. Some say it still works but not many. See the Chrome extension reviews, it's got a problem and the creator doesn't review the complaints or has better things to do.

Will the developer please either remove the extension from the list or fix it?

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As I've seen on the Extensions page, it appears that the application hasn't been updated since 13 April 2013. However, there are other extensions available that you can use. Use the link posted below and then you can try installing them.

Note: Additionally, contact the developer and report this issue to him.

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