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Support for Personal Passworder.

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I’m having difficulty with a new problem, logging in to my Personal Passworder.

The login screen opens, and the Accounts window has the name of my password account (which is highlighted). I type my password into the Password space, but the “Open” button remains grayed out and I can’t open the program by hitting the Enter key or clicking on the Open button. It’s the same password I’ve been using for quite a while, and I’ve double checked my spelling. My email to failed to deliver.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I've installed and tested then retested the software with in all kind of situations and it responded correctly. I must believe that the error you're receiving is actually related to the a wrong password, because once you type the password, the application will allow access to the created databases.

One simple bug, if I can name it this way, that I encountered was when I entered the password. For some reason, it appears that when you type the password in a fast way, it displays a password error. I've typed only one character at the time and it worked normally. Try this and double check the password you enter.

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