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Mismatched barometer readings.

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Is there some reason that the relative barometric pressure reading on my Easy Weather screen is consistently .22 inHG lower than what shows up on my interconnected Wunderground readout? I cannot figure out why this would be so.

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After some extensive searching with all kind of search terms, there were no results regarding the barometic pressure reading. The developers that offer the EasyWeather application have only the downloads listed and that's it. There is no troubleshooting, manuals, or something related for this matter.

I recommend you reinstall the software and then check the readings again. If there is something stuck, a reinstall will fix this issue.

Note: Avoid installing over the current version. Backup any settings that you might have and then completely uninstall it.

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I appreciate your reply. It can be a thankless undertaking to chase down oddities like this. I will try your recommendation.
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On reflection, I wonder if Wunderground is not receiving a value for my station's relative barometric pressure, and substituting another station's reading? Sounds hinky, but I can envision it happening. Will still try the reinstall, however. Thnx.

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