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How to permanently delete Snapchat messages without clearing the whole conversation?

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I have a couple of saved messages on Snapchat that I really want to delete. I've clicked on them to unsave them. It showed that they were unsaved, but they still showed up on my phone. I began to close the app all together and reopen it, turn my phone off and turn it back on, delete the app all together then redownload it. If I can get that person to delete me from their Snapchat, would it also delete the messages I want to delete?

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Basically, after you have saved a message and closed that conversation, all the messages will be deleted except the ones with a different font and grey background. To delete the messages, tap again on the messages with grey background and close the conversation. Snapchat will know that those messages need deleting and will proceed accordingly. This is the one and only way of deleting messages in the Snapchat application.

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I've tried deleting my snapchat,unsaved the chats and follow all your steps but it's still not working....If I can send my password for all my messages to be cleared and saved chats deleted I'll appreciate the offer

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