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Is Caddraw available for Windows 7 or 10?

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I used to have Caddraw for Windows 3.1. This was a shareware version in 1997 (or even older) and I bought a licence then. This shareware version also worked with Windows XP but not with Windows 7 or 10. It there a replacement that is not too expensive and that can read the MPG files from Caddraw? I still have several drawings on my harddisk but I can't open them anymore. I'm looking for an inexpensive solution.


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The CadDraw application doesn't appear to be available anymore for Windows. However, after some searching I've found it on Mac App Store which means you can install it on Mac. Then I've visited the official website and it leads to a blog that doesn't contain any information at all.

However, if the program worked on Windows XP, then you can take advantage of virtualization and install Windows XP in a virtual machine with the help of VirtualBox.

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