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Connectivity stability info.

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I have had my Netdisk system for years, (had it replaced once before) and I have always loved it.

Lately I have been having connectivity issues. I'm running NDAS 3.72.2070.1456 SVN Private version of software. Quite often I try to access the drive, and find it is unmounted. Or I will be accessing something on the drive, and the program will lock up, and I eventually get an access message and the NDAS management program will say the device is unmounted.

I can almost always remount it right away, but occasionally I have to power cycle it before I can get access.

I don't see a new version of software, any thoughts on what is going on? Onboard network issues? I don't think its the drive itself, but I guess it could be.

As I said, I have always loved the device, and would love to keep using it for years to come, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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The problem with mounting/unmounting could also be caused by the disk itself and the controller. Usually, an issue like this indicates there is a problem with the drive itself, the controller of the drive or the cable. The only thing you can change is the cable, therefore start with that to eliminate the possibility.

If the disk is having issues, then you'll have to take it to service repair, but that is a problem as well since you can't enjoy official support. I've just checked and the website is displaying a page encountered when the domain expired.

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