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How to delete the writing of a screenshot, please?

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asked Sep 12, 2016 by irina about Snapchat
edited Sep 29, 2016 by Marco Jauch 1


I took a screenshot of something on Snapchat by mistake from my brother's telephone. I want to know how to make that writing disappear: "Today you took a screenshot" or something like that. I deleted the conversation, but that writing still appears, and I don't want my brother to see what I did.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 15, 2016 by Alex Urbach (304,940 points)

You won't have the possibility to remove that message unless the phone is rooted or jailbreaked, because there are apps that have the possibility to clear Snapchat logs, but removing an individual message is still not possible since those apps will remove all there is to log keeping in Snapchat. So, unless you remove the software, there is no way to get rid of that message. Simply uninstall it and then install it back, or deauthenticate your brother's account and then authenticate again.

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