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Redefine Tedds function names.

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I'm trying to optimize my calculations and wondering if there is any way to shorten pre-set functions in Tedds? For example, I used the function getsectionvar often and I would like to shorten to gsv if possible. I realize it's rather trivial, but I use a number of the functions that have long names quite often and would help to reduce my writing time and allow me to fit more on each calc row without reducing font size.

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I don't think you can modify a command from an application if it doesn't allow it or mentions it that it could be possible. Typically, you should check the Help section or documentation to see if the software supports Macros, then you can record the usage of the file and then you type or press a certain key combination, the actual function is used instead. This is also called process automation and it's available in some apps to speed up the development process or operation.

Check the following files as well on the developer's website:

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