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Structure engineer and its problems.

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Sorry to send you again since I found several mistakes and here they are:

Got three questions for you:

I am using Rifest to assess weld strength now. I use FAT100, Hot spot stress, amplitude spectrum. Got aBK =1.023 for 5million cycles. I thought I could get aBK less than 1 if I reduce number of cycles. However, I couldn't even I reduced to 10000 cycles and it still shows aBK=1.023. Found SBKmax is a limit, no matter how larger KBK is. Guess it is for elastic with yield stress limit only?

For amplitude spectrum, if I specify S1 is not the largest, I will get different answer for defined the largest S1

Are static results shown right since I use hot spot stress?

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The solutions to these questions are either found in the Help section or provided directly by the developers of the application. Rifest is one of those applications that isn't generally available for public unless you buy it. There are some PDF files available on a website, but there is no depth when it comes to how the software works or for certain situations like yours above.

Your best bet to find the answer is in the Help section. Additionally forward this inquiry to the developers using the details on the contact page.

Also, the Rifest provides a Demo version using the online browser. You can test it on the following link.

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