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Windows 10 locked drive.

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My laptop is locked. It's an HP about 2 years old. I downloaded Windows 10 update or something and when I restarted my PC, it got stuck on the Windows start screen. I can't do anything factory reset back up files or anything. Help would be appreciated.

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Sometimes the upgrade process can take a very long time due to hardware components and their performance and the stuff Windows has to do before it can install Windows 10 properly. For example, a slow computer packed with lots of applications will take a very long time to finish. I've encountered the same issue and the only thing I did was to wait until it's done.

You can go ahead and reboot the PC and the setup will start again. If it's stuck, you should see or notice through the hard disk activity.

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no it starts just fine it just sends you to like the login screen but its not the right one. anything you do it basicly dont respond
i manually shut down . when i restart a go into recovery mode i think its F11
and i cant even factory reset it says drive where windows is located is locked. i go to comand prompt it has me on
i can switch to C: or D:
i just dont know what to do to unlock the drive and is windows installed on which partition ??

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