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I moved iFree Skype not recording now.

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I have been very satisfied using iFree Skype Recorder for my podcast interviews. However, I did something that has caused it stop working. I moved the podcast folders that contained the iFree Skype recordings to a different location. After I moved the folders that stored the completed interviews, the next two interviews did not record. They have 0 bytes. And now iFree Skype does not find those previous recordings. I want to continue using this program. How can I be sure iFree Skype will work with the next interview? Is there a way to help iFree Skype Recorder find the previous interview recordings? For these two interviews the "history Listing" shows time was recorded. An hour and two minutes on one and 50 minutes on the other. And a file was created in the destination folder, however the files had zero bytes. Thank you for your help.

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Based on the gathered information, Skype updates its software on a regular basis which means it's possible that the software stopped working due to compatibility.

I recommend to reinstall the application to its latest version and update Skype as well, and then try to record. Initiate a test recording using the Echo / Test recording to see if it works.

Download the latest version from the following URL:

Additionally, use the tutorial to learn how to work with it:

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I suggest you move the recording folder back to have a try.

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