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Unlock Nokia 6350

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The phone requests a code before it can be used. When I insert the SIM card, it asks for the unlock code. It was given to me by my father.

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It seems that the phone is network locked. This means that you can use SIM cards belonging to the network the phone is locked on. It isn't possible to use another SIM card from a different carrier because you will need the unlock code for that network or simply a general network unlock code. These codes can be obtained from a phone service shop or from the carrier where the phone is locked to. Usually these codes are not free and for an unlocking service you will need to pay an extra fee.

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Your phone seems to be locked to a network you're are currently with.In this case you can't be able to use your mobile with other carrier networks.If you want use your Nokia 6350 with different carrier network means you have to unlock your mobile with current network provider.Unlocking process can be done by many ways.But i recommended to unlock your Nokia 6350 using unlocking codes.This is the easiest method of unlocking compare to others.To get code contact your service provider.If they are not providing means go to third party online providers like to get unlock code.

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