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My LG A180 is locked. Can you help me to unlock it?

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My LG A180 phone is locked and I cannot use a different SIM card . What should I do?

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The unlocking operation of your phone is performed by the phone carrier company from where you bought it. In some countries this is a free server but in the others you may have to pay a small fee to get it done. Another way to solve this problem is by visiting a phone service store where a qualified technician can unlock it again for a very small fee. The phone doesn't support a utility publicly available for users used to unlock it in a simple way. Also if you manage to get the unlock code from a paid service then use these steps to unlock your phone:

  1. Insert the blocked SIM card
  2. Power on the phone and it will display Phone restricted
  3. Select Cancel and it will require you enter restriction code
  4. Enter the code you received
  5. Select OK and the phone is now unlocked
  6. Power on the phone with your original SIM car
  7. Enter 2945#*180#
  8. A menu will pop up, then select UNLOCK USIM then Network
  9. Enter the received code and press OK
  10. Now your phone is unlocked.

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