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Why is rsupport VRVD5 (VRVD520) showing up as an Unknown Device in Device Manager?

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When I check device manager in Windows 7 Professional, there is an unknown device and the description is Rsupport VRVD5(VRVD520).

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If it shows as an Unknown Device, then it means you are lacking driver installation. Device Manager displays information about devices and their current status. An unknown device presence indicates that the driver is missing or incompatible. If you do have the driver files, right click the item and choose Update Driver. Point the window to the location of the INF files and let it install. If you can't find the driver, then I suggest contacting the developers using the following link:

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Actually, this particular item RSupport (Remote Support) was the result of a remote support session. I simply removed the device and have no more problems. I Googled the VRVD520 and the information I discovered there helped me resolve the problem. Thanks for looking into it though.

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