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Can rebel cards be on the imperial army with a Skirmish upgrade card?

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In Star Wars Imperial Assault, I got a card I found in the mercenary deck called "temporary alliance" (skirmish upgrade card) while creating an army. The cards says that you may include up to 2 rebel deployment cards in your army. So my question really is, can I pick Chewbacca to be in my army as long as I have enough deployment point? Just to let you know, I was on the Imperial side. Thank you for those who answer my question.

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You can use it as long as you have a free spot and it's compatible with your squad. Chewbacca is a card that belongs to the Rebels, but if the Temporary Alliance is enabled, then you can use it on your team. However, it's possible that its bonuses to decrease once it's used against its own team, but that can be seen only when you equip it.

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