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How do I activate old account in Tango app?

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I deleted my Tango app. Now I download it back, but it's trying to get me to create a new account. How do I pull up my old one?

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Basically, these accounts are still active unless you specifically used Delete my account option, then you need a new account. However, try logging with your old email/phone/etc and check the status. It's possible that you don't have to create an account anymore. You can activate the old one as long as the Delete option hasn't been used.

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How i activate my old account in tango ?

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I want active back my suspended tango account

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How do I get my Tango ID back?
My Tango ID has been suspended, I want to get my Tango ID back....
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Tango account reactive old account I install my tango but registering failed

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