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How can I retrieve my own deleted Snapchats ?

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I used to take snaps while my phone is offline when I'm traveling then I upload them when I get connected to the hotel WiFi and now I have 2 phones. I used the Android first to take snaps while my phone was offline, then my battery went dead. So I used my iPhone to catch more snaps while it's offline & the Snapchat did not require any login. After I got to my hotel both phones got WiFi connection & Snapchat on both of them appeared in a logout status & required a login. Then when I got logged in on both of my phones, my snaps were deleted. I really need your help. Is there any possibility to restore these snaps?

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Unfortunately, no application was ever released to allow you to recover deleted snaps. Theoretically, any snap have sent or created should be available until the destination user reads it, then it deletes them. However, those snaps were stored on the phone as temporary files, but since the phone was shut down, the temporary files were lost. You can't recover them even if you use the "so called" recovery apps on the Play Store/App Store.

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