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How can I recover my deleted contact from Samsung Galaxy Pop?

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asked Nov 23, 2012
edited Nov 27, 2012 by Andrew Constandache

How can I recover my deleted contact from Samsung Galaxy Pop?

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answered Nov 27, 2012 by Andrew Constandache (100,330 points)
edited Dec 6, 2012 by Helen Smith

Well, you can't. Whenever you delete an item like contact, message or configuration setting it's gone forever unless you have backups. If you used a Google account attached to the phone and that contact was synchronized with Google servers then the contact was deleted from that location as well.

asked Apr 7, 2013
edited Apr 17, 2013 by Helen Smith
Messages were accidentaly deleted from my phone
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answered May 28, 2013 by chriscarrie (140 points)

Samsung Data Recovery - Directly recover SMS, contacts, photos & video on Samsung

  • Directly recover deleted sent & received text messages and contacts
  • Regain photos and video from SD cards inside Android devices to PC
  • Preview recover messages, contacts and photos before recovery
  • Fully support multiple Android Phones and Tablets, as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc
  • Only read and recover the data, no personal info leaking

More Visit: How to recover deleted contact from Samsung Galaxy pop

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answered Jun 24, 2013 by kaisajoan (180 points)

1 Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer

Before doing anything else, install and launch it on the computer. Then connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer with a USB cable. After running the program, you'll get the main interface below. Your device will be detected immediately.

2 Enable USB debugging

3 Analyze and scan your Samsung Galaxy

4 Preview and recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy

with the assistant of Android Recovery, they can perform contacts recovery from Samsung Galaxy.

Read more:
How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung

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answered Jul 26, 2013 by lacus215 (760 points)

Hello! I know a recovery program for Android, it can recover lost contacts, text messages from Android device. I used it to recover deleted contacts from my Samsung Galaxy S1, you can have a try, know more from this web:

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answered Aug 1, 2013 by ohlbrecht14 (380 points)

You can recover your lost contacts from your Samsung Galaxy by android data recovery, watch this video:

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answered Aug 15, 2013 by vinietolly (720 points)

You can use Android data recovery software to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy phone. It is very easy and effective. watch the video here:, and know more from the official website:

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answered Nov 5, 2013 by Alision (180 points)

If you accidentally deleted your contacts from your Samsung phone, Android Data Recovery program enables you to directly scan your Samsung device and restore your contacts from it, as well as pictures, movie and text messages. This program is a completely safe, reliable and easy to use.

If you want to recover your Samsung data, Android Data Recovery is the great option for you.

Read the detailed steps:
How to recover contacts from Samsung

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How to recover your data from Android phone
How to restore data from Samsung phone
How to recover Deleted Pictures, Videos from Samsung Galaxy

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answered Dec 5, 2013 by infoSky (240 points)

Follow these steps to Restore Deleted Contacts from Samsung Galaxy,Believe you can to solve this question as soon as possible!

1.Download and install the third party software

2.Connect Samsung Galaxy phone with Computer through USB cable

3.Choose you want to recover files,such as text message, contacts,photos,music,video.etc

4.Regain contacts from Samsung Galaxy


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answered Dec 18, 2013 by Beverly 5 (240 points)

Well, I happen to know a great android data recovery, Amacsoft Android SMS + Contacts Recovery,
I have just used it to recover my lost messages, you can also use it to recover your contacts, read how to restore deleted messages from Samsung Galaxy to know more.

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answered Dec 27, 2013 by jackiey (180 points)

For many Samsung Galaxy phone users, they usually have a thought that how do I recover my contacts from my Samsung Galaxy. Actually, there is a simply way for them to get their deleted contacts back.
The best way for you to recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy Android phone is as follow:

Step 1. Install and run the program on your computer
Download the Android Data Recovery and install it on your computer and run the program to make preparations for the following steps. Then you'll get the start window as below.

enter image description here

Step 2. Connect your device to the computer and Enable USB debugging

In this parts, you will 3 Android OS to choose for.

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1
3) For Android 4.2 or newer

enter image description here

Step 3. Start to analyze the data

enter image description here

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted contacts

enter image description here

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