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How do I remove HDD password ?

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I want to remove my HDD password.
Please help me!

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This is a case where the user confuses a HDD password with a bios password applied to boot. In this case the only thing to do is to reset the CMOS password which also clears any password applied to either whole bios or just HDD. Clearing the password involves the fact that you will need to open up the computer and remove its protective case. The CMOS switch (it looks like a button) locates on the motherboard and you need to press it (in case there is one) or simply remove the battery and the AC cord from the PSU and wait for 5 minutes for the plug to be back and you’re done. Your computer will start and the password to your HDD will be removed.

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My emachine will not go any faetrhr than to the emachine window when I turn it on and the light that blinks on the tower is not blicking. What can I do to get it to work? Thank you I have windowXp

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