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I have forgotten my password for Safe Gallery.

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I have forgotten my password for Safe Gallery and I have protected it from uninstallation. I have kept important photos in it. Can I get them back? Or can I get my forgotten password somehow?

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According to the official description, you can recover the media files that you have deleted or if they're locked. The developer insists on re-installing the application, because you can fix it this way. Access the application's page at the Google Play Store and then scroll down to the [TIP] section and read the developer's instructions in the description area.

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I went into tips to unlock my files and I did what it says which is to dial #789 from my phone and it brought me back into the screen to enter the code and it does not do anything else/ It did not give me access to change it or even go back in it with the one I had already set up.

This is getting very annoying.
Please help.

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