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I have a list of fortran files that form a project. I am trying to list and edit these files using MED. If I right-click on a file and choose "Display in default browser" nothing happens. If I simply click on a filename in the list I get a fortran compilation error message for a file called noname 1.

I have set Firefox as my default browser.

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It's possible that your installed browser might lack support for those fortan files. There are few file formats that can be opened inside a browser, and because of that you encounter the issues. Simply right click the fortran files and if the MED application supports them, then they should be displayed.

Right click a file, and select Open With. From the list that will open, choose MED Texteditor or browse to the file and select the executable, then every time you double click a fortran file, it will be opened with MED Textedit.

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