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How can I erase Simplepass database?

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When I had to re-install Simplepass, all of the fingerprints previously entered cannot be re-entered in the current version. When I attempt to enter one of my fingerprints, I get a pop-up windows claiming that fingerprint is already in use. How can I erase ALL fingerprints so that I can start from scratch?

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There is no information related to Simplepass and its database. Many users recommend removing the program through Control Panel, but in some cases, the data still exists. However, install Revo Uninstaller and use that to remove the software. After it does the Moderate scanning procedure, it should list all the remaining files as well. Delete those files and the software will be removed completely. Additionally, go to Device Manager and remove the Validity Sensor.

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I followed these instructions exactly.  They worked beautifully!  Thanks for your assistance
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If you can log in as the user, under Sign-in Options, you can remove all fingerprints. If the user is inaccessible, try deleting or renaming the C:\Windows\System32\WinBioDatabase[GUID].DAT file and then restart the computer. It worked for me.

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