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In need of access codes.

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I have all 6 Super Granny Games. Had to upgrade to Windows 10 and go from Laptop to PC and the codes I have to unlock games will not work. Have had them for a while. Can you help me? My grandchildren and myself still play all these games weekly.

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You need to access the websites from where you acquired the games. They should either provide another set of codes, or additional instructions on how to register them in Windows 10. However, you can try running them in Compatibility mode. Right click one of the games, then go to Properties > Compatibility and choose a Windows version that you know it worked. Make sure also run the game as Administrator and then try to register.

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Sandlots Games has gone out of business. There was a lady at that helped me a few years ago when I changed to Vista. But when I sent the request to her email it was rejected. It looks like my only alternative is to repurchase these games and they are at a higher price. Hate to do that. I will get my internet person to see what he can do with the information you have sent me. Thank you for your time.
Wish I were a computer whiz.

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