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I have a cpuserserv exception in Backup Exec 2010 every day. Cpuz/cpuid was removed many months ago. I need to remove it completely

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I have many servers with this same issue. Could not find anything online about how to fix this. I've found only that the cpuz driver file or something is missing from the snapshot. Yet it's not installed. Seems as though it's installed somewhere. Maybe registry? I've also tried creating dummy files but no luck. Need to remove this completely.

Thanks in advance!

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The easiest method is to try and remove the leftover by the software using a clean-up utility which searches the computer in all kinds of locations that are hard to navigate. One tool which does this is CCleaner. Beside its main function (cleaning) it also has the ability to uninstall applications, modify the start menu (which is required in your case to prevent the application to run) and many others. You can download the software and perform a registry cleanup because in 99 % of the cases that is the source of the problems.

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