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Which antivirus should I use in order to remove W32/Virut?

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W32.Virut is a virus which replicates itself using your EXE and SCR files and it is using advanced API and coding techniques to bypass the local security while it is running on an infected computer. It is very dangerous because it also has the ability to open doors to hackers so they control your computer, steal passwords, documents and critical data. The removal process is complicated and you will need to use one of well-known antivirus programs because the virus is a bit old and there are also known removal methods available on the market. Because it was treated as being one of the dangerous ones, companies started to develop advanced ways of removing these malware applications. You can use a free solution of the known antivirus programs because they are very effective and accurate. You may try something like avast! Free Antivirus or Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware because they turned out to be very effective against threats like these.

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