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Save Destination host port in the Send Options window.

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I am using HL7 Inspector and each time I want to send a file to do some testing, I have to click on the "Setup sender options" on the "Message Sender" window and enter my IP address and port number. It would be nice if the default "localhost:2100" could be updated and then saved as the default for HL7 Inspector. It would be ideal if a Save button was put on the "Send Options" window where multiply Saved "Send Options" would be available via the Host Port drop down arrow. Even more ideal would be to use an internal table number as the key to the stored "Send Options" list, that way multiply Host Port names could be the same, but have different "Options" and "Message Frame" values. If you did the last option, then you would also want to display Destination, Options and Message Frame info when the dropdown arrow had multiply Host Port names. Currently when the dropdown is toggled between two values the Options and Message Frame is not associated or saved with each Host Port value.

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These are features you want to have them implemented in the application in future releases. For this to happen, you need to address them to the developer through the website listed on the SourceForge.


Create an account and open a ticket through the Feature Requests page accessible from Tickets in the navigation menu.

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