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Inquiry for DVD/PEN drive protection

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By profession I work in multimedia company which designs cartoons and animated videos for kids up to 5th standard. We are planning to expand the business by providing animated videos to students using pen drives. For that, some data protection technology is required to avoid unauthorized duplication of data and also avoid unauthorized access. If it's not possible for pen drive, then DVD is also the option.

I heard that some educational institute provides classes in DVDs which is clone protected and copy protected. How to make such DVD? As my background is nontechnical, so kindly provide the information.

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To protect content on the DVDs, you will need a proper application that has been created especially for this type of job. You can use an application like PTProtect DVD Anti-Rip Copy Protection for this type of jobs, but you need to download the manuals for the software in order to learn how to use it. The developers provide users the possibility to download these manuals using the link posted below.

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