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Password protection and login authentication inquiry.

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I need to inquire about this program and whether or not it can be set up to be password-protected. We are currently running v1.0.06.

Can this program be set up to be password-protected with an alpha-numeric username of 8 characters or more along with a password? Also, can this be integrated into our Active Directory? In other words, can the lab program be configured to authenticate the end user’s name and password against our Windows domain?

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Yes, you can assign a password to protect the settings of the application after you configure it. I recommend checking the user guide available for this procedure. Download the PDF file, then use CTRL + F and type password or go directly to page 25. You will find the all instructions necessary to set up a password. Secondly, there is no information regarding active directory and integration with your Windows domain. You will have to test it by yourself if it's not specified.

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