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Allocation error when I run Links 2003.

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I am getting the below error. How to fix?

STOP      : Invalid allocation, 986502772 bytes
Address   : 0x0058047C
Location  : FileTypeClass::LoadSubFile()+0x6624C

Processor Registers EAX=0x00000000 EBX=0x00000000 ECX=0x00000000 EDX=0x00000000 Flags=0x00000000
=================== ESI=0x00000000 EDI=0x00000000 EBP=0x0012E668 ESP=0x0012E500   EIP=0x0058047C
EIP (0x0058047C) C3 90 90 90 8B 44 24 04 50 E8 C6 18 FA FF C3 90 90 90 90 90 8B 44 24 04 50 E8 B6 18 FA FF C3 90 
ESP (0x0012E500) 0012E65C 006D3230 0012FF10 3ACCD674 0012E7A8 7FFDFBF8 0000011C 0012E57C 
                 00010040 0000000D 0012E484 005E005E 0012FF10 7C90E920 7C910060 FFFFFFFF 
                 7C91005D 7C9104AC 00140000 00000000 01D02CC0 0012E564 7C910482 01D02CC0 

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As documented, there is a problem with the .l3 file. The error is caused by a file of this type in the installation directory. You will find this file in the PolyAni folder. Remove the folder and then create an empty one and place one file at the time until you find the corrupt one. The software will work, but you might need to re-create the files to use it again.

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