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Transferring a song from a DVD to CD

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How do I take a soundtrack from a DVD and embed it to a CD?

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If the DVD isn’t protected, then you can extract audio files with a simple and easy to use converter. Using a powerful application like ZC DVD Audio Ripper, you will achieve what you want in simple steps. In order to transfer the audio file to the CD, you should use a generic burning tool and create the CD. Please be aware that you have different possibilities for CD creation: audio CD, data CD (file remains in its original exported format). The choice is yours to decide which one you will pick for the job depending on the place you want to play the CD.

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  1. u must know your extension music file format (exp: song.mp3 / song.wav any or extns file which support with cd
  2. copy / covert to cd music format
  3. burn it with your burner

good luck!!

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