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Can Windev generate native or machine codes for our application development ?

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I'm currently developing applications in C# and .NET platform. However, the security of these applications are hard to implement as C# generates non native codes or CIL application. There are decompiler available on the Internet which can decompile these C# applications into source codes.

Hence, I would like to know whether WinDev produces application in native or machine codes which cannot be decompiled into high level language source codes. Please respond as I need to migrate my .NET applications to another much safer codes and to prevent crackers from stealing my codes.

One more question, is there any decompiler or dissambler available for WinDev?

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WinDev is a development platform (IDE & ALM) and can be used to create applications. It does have some security features, but in most cases, developers usually choose another module for protecting their code. Basically, these apps can be used to create code while the encryption is done by something else.

I recommend reading about the Crypt function available in the WinDev suite:

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