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Problem running convert.exe.

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I have a problem when using convert.exe, I can't run it. It shows "Access violation at module BORLNDMM.DLL" something like that. I use Windows 7 32bit and set compatibility to Windows XP SP2. What should I do?

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If you encountered that error, it means the software is trying to access a part of the memory that's already in use by another application or file. Try closing down all the applications and then disable them from boot using Start > Run > msconfig. Switch to Startup and disable all the apps, reboot the PC and then start the software. If you still encounter issues, then it's possible there is a problem with compatibility and you need to obtain a version that was created especially for Windows 7.

Download the full version of CLUE from the following page:

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Thanks for the answer. It helps me much. Now it runs well

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I get the same problem running the converter "Access violation at module BORLNDMM.DLL"
I checked in the startup apps and there is only the essential to run the machine, which of course I cannot disable.
Please give a hints, also another software freely downloadable which I can use to convert the ASCII into stata format for the statistics.
thank you very much

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