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Element number has a sharp changing.

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I created a rough surface and defined the asperity by stochastic value with Ansys Mechanical Prepost. When I run the input file for several times, element number and node number will always change a lot, the difference of the text file size can be one order higher or lower. Since the asperity of the surface is a random value with a certain band, element number and node number will exactly change, but for this case, changing is too sharp. Could you help me to see what happened? Thank you very much.

The input file very time is always the same, the only changed parameter is the asperity of surface which are random values.

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This information should be located on the websites listed through Google. I have narrowed down the results list to display only what is necessary to you. I recommend this way because Ansys requires extreme knowledge in order to be used properly.

There are websites that provide all the necessary instructions for this process:

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