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Formatting my Lenovo A850.

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I want to format my phone. I tried to factory reset it, but it won't work. I tried hard reset but same result. I want to ask if I can format my phone using my computer, via right click the removable disk (j) in this case. Will it work, or it will delete all including the files needed to run Android on my phone?

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The drive where you have the necessary files for your Android phone to work can't be formatted using the method you have described. Most certainly, the drive that you are formatting is the SD card that you have mounted on your phone. The only method available at this moment for you is to format using the standard method which won't delete Android's files but only user data:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button until you see the Lenovo logo
  • Select the option wipe data/factory reset using Volume buttons to scroll options, and Power button to confirm.
  • Choose Yes - delete all user data.
  • Confirm the option reboot system now.
  • Restart your phone.
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Hi, thanks for answering my question. But I tried doing that. After i rebooted the phone, nothing happens but the apps in my phone keep reappearing. I tried to delete the apps but the apps reappear after reboot. I tried to install some things from play store, but the apps disappear after I rebooted the phone. I can't set the default installation location to my sd card. I tried using Link2Sd but still doesn't work. Actually the real problem is that I think my internal storage ( usb storage ) is read-only which is where all the apps which won't uninstall is at ( not sure ). I also think the usb storage is damaged or something. I don't really know what is the problem.

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