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Pando is online and connected but it doesn't allow downloading. Why does it fail to download anything?

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I have a problem and need help. My Pando is online and connected but it doesn't allow downloading anything. I use a Macbook 10.5.8, and I downloaded the Pando yesterday about 5 times. I cleaned out my cache files, totally quited the program, uninstalled, restarted, etc.

Nothing works, and it's been like this for 2 days.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Most likely, the software you use is not digitally signed and so Firewall blocks it from accessing the Internet. This is a frequent situation because Mac system was created to be very effective against applications that are not signed by default. If there is nothing wrong with your Mac, then adding this application to allowed programs' list excluded from filtering will do the job. Also turning off Firewall is not recommended because of the active online threats. In order to disable or to add an application to the exclusion list, please follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu go to System Preferences > and click on Security & Privacy (10.7.x) or Security (10.6.x).
  2. Choose Firewall.
  3. Click on Stop button if you want to disable it permanently and click on Advanced.
  4. Use the PLUS sign and add the Pando application to permitted programs and then try using the software again.

On MacOS 10.5.x, you can disable Firewall by selecting Allow all incoming connections from the same window.

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