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Which browser is it better to choose? I've heard that Google Chrome is the best choice, isn't it?

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It depends on which type of user you are. I've got quite a lot of buddies who work as software developers, and these buddies swear every time I mention Google Chrome. First, it's less safe than Firefox or, say, Opera. Second, if you need to read the page code, Chrome's options are way more kodest than those of Firefox. As a result,

1) Firefox is the browser of choice for the folks who want to delve into the code;

2) Opera lies closer to the geeky side of the user range;

3) Chrome is the choice of the regular user.

I venture to presume, you belong to the normal users, since a geek or a code maniac would never ask such a question smiley

Therefore, your browser of choice is Chrome.

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FF can "eat" all your device` memory.
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i use "google chrome" too it`s fantastic all my friends use it and i think that "chrome" is easier than firefox and explorer but explorer is ok!!

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