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I receive an error related to "hptcs has stopped working". How do I fix this?

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I keep getting an error message that says my hptcs has stopped working. What can I do to fix this?

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The error you have is related to HP Easy Internet Setup and it comes installed to many HP and Compaq branded PCs or when you perform a recovery using the Recovery CD provided by HP. The software is useful when you want to automate the process of Internet set-up and it is rarely used. My suggestion is to remove it because most of the Internet connections between a PC and an ISP is done using DHCP so the need for HP Easy Internet Setup is removed. In such case you should go to Start > Control Panel > Add & Remove Programs and locate HP Easy Internet Setup in the list and click Remove. Upon restarting and booting, you will notice that the error will pop up no more as the service was removed from the services list.

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