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How can I automatically print my incoming emails?

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I need software that allows automated print out of emails upon receipt. I am currently using Outlook 2007 and I would like to find out any software or extension that effectively does the job and prints attachment, as well.

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Automatic printing of your emails is available by default in the Outlook and in order to perform this operation, you should first set up a rule and a task. You do not need additional plugins or 3rd party applications for this job. Please perform these steps in order to set up your Outlook to automatically print incoming emails:

  1. From Outlook menu choose Tools > Rules and Alerts…
  2. Click on New Rule button.
  3. Please check “Check messages when they arrive” following Step 1 option then click on Select A template.
  4. On the Step 2 click on Edit the rule description if you want to name the rule for its fast recognizing.
  5. Do not choose any Filtering because it is not needed.
  6. Under Step 1 on Select action(s) check print it and you are done.

    Now all incoming emails will be printed using the default printer available.

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Thanks but is there a rule of any sort that allows the printing of all new incoming emails with the attachments ? Much appreciated !

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