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Ventura 10.3 and Windows 10 information.

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I have been using Ventura Desktop Publishing since its creation and managed to fix Ventura 10 so that it could be used with Windows 8.1. Now I have two quandaries. If I upgrade the computer to Windows 10, will Ventura 10 still work? Will Ventura 10.3 be compatible with Windows 10?

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The process should be the same as what you did for Windows 8.1, since the new version of Windows isn't too different when it comes to architecture and working modes. If the software won't work in Windows 10, you can always install VirtualBox to add Windows XP, the environment where Ventura works perfectly.

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Thank you so much. I tried to give you a great vote for your answer, but for some reason clicking the "up" arrow for "votes" isn't working for me. So... big thanks.

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