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Does CorelDRAW 2017 have all VP 10 features?

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I'm a longtime user of Ventura Publisher. Corel now says that their latest DRAW program "contains all the features of VP and more." Is that true? Has any former VP user tried this?

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Indeed, the Corel Ventura products have been embedded into the Corel Graphics Suite. You can find this statement on the official website of Corel.

I will post the statement here as well, for reference:

Corel Ventura was a popular application among business publishers. It was originally released as Ventura Publisher in 1986 by a small software company named “Ventura Software”. Corel acquired the application in 1993 and launched it as Corel Ventura. Released in 2002, Corel Ventura 10 is the latest version of this application. This page layout package was great for preparing general and technical documentation, textbooks, manuals and a lot of other things. If you are looking for all the features of Corel Ventura 10 then check out the latest CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It has all the features of Corel Ventura and so much more.

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