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Dealing with a corrupt file in an application CD.

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I am trying to install an application from a CD (the software for Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320/W330 camera). Installation gets stuck on a particular "" file. I have tried copying the files to the desktop of my laptop (OS Windows 8.1) but the copying processes get stuck with the same file.

Is there software that might repair this? Normally I would download the Sony Software (the whole program) but I am in a situation here in Africa where I have poor Internet and my allowance for downloads is very small (the program in question requires 340MB which is nearly my limit for a week here).

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There is no application developed to repair a physical thing. Probably the CD was scratched, and because of that, it can't copy the PMB file. As far as I know, the PMB is an essential tool for Sony products, but I believe you will have to download it online through the product page of your device.

Support page:

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Attempt to repair the damaged CDs, another methods represented on next strings [CD Repair Toolbox Free]

CD/DVD get scratched due to regular use. You can use following methods to recover data. I assure you that after using these methods, you will have all your data.

  1. Clean the CD/DVD properly as dust can be a reason.
  2. Use a CD/DVD writer instead a CD/DVD reader device for such corrupted disks, because DVD writer are more powerful than DVD reader.
  3. If nothing happens, then you should opt for a third party data recovery software. This is the best way to recover data from CD/DVD/Blue-Ray disks.

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