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My photos aren't displayed in albums after my system crashed.

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I have Olympus Master 2 and my laptop crashed so I lost all photos in the albums. The photos were not physically deleted and the albums list is intact but when you go into an album there are no photos shown. The .dat files exist in the datebase directory under local profile AppData. Is there a utility to repair the ablum?

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I am afraid that you will need to create the databases once again because there is no solution or utility you can use to repair the album list. Instead, you will need to delete the albums you currently have and then try and create the albums from the beginning. Basically, those .dat files are simple text files who store paths for the images as well as raw metadata. The easiest way to get your albums back is to use main menu’s function File > Transfer Images > Transfer Images from a Specified location and then browse to the place where your pictures are and create the albums in a few seconds. Upon starting the import process, you will have the possibility to customize your albums using different options from the right panel. Finally, you will have your albums back to the original state.

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